Randi Driscoll Randi Driscoll San Diego, California http://randidriscoll.com Sun, 23 Jun 2024 00:49:06 +0000 DELETE randi7@earthlink.net <![CDATA[Finding connection and community, during a global crisis.]]> What a week. I have so much to say about what we are all going through. But mostly, I simply want to HUG as many people as I can... even if it's virtually. 

Last Saturday evening, we launched 

"Randi’s Damn Facebook Live", to check in with my friends from all over the country, and spread a little love, hope, song and community. Each night, I shared my day, what Skyler was working on, any important info I thought we should chat about and  I even sang a few songs.:)  You heard brand news songs like, "Take your Time”, some older ones, like “Cinderella", and some really old ones; like "The Play". I played ukulele live for the first time, and covered a few songs, I’ve never sung before. 

Here’s the recap of week one; 

Saturday: Episode 1: The pilot ]]> https://www.randidriscoll.com/blog/post/4171 Sat, 28 Mar 2020 11:09:30 -0700 <![CDATA["Dinner at Nana's"]]> Wednesday night was a particularly strange night, full of nightmares, and restless sleep. 

The next day I was in a total funk. I was really missing my Nana, and running on empty to just make it through the day.

After several failed attempts at distracting myself with work, I thought about what might get me out of my misery. 
I tried to remember some of my "comfort" places, sights, sounds and smells,  so I ran off to the store and purchased all the makings of real “Nana" dinner. 

I started cooking the year she passed away. Slowly at first, a few things here and there, 
nothing too adventurous. Year after year I’d add a few dishes, some hers, some I picked up along the way. 
I purchased a crock pot,  printed a few newish recipes off  of the internet, and started engaging with my more domestic side, who’d been tucked away for a long time.

So yesterday I decided to once and for all jump into the mother-load - Nana’s homemade red sauce. 

I like to call it “Everybody’s Jersey -Italian Tomato Sauce” 

No recipe, 'cause, well, you didn’t need one. No measurements, no ingredients list or fine print, just your memory and one big pot of love. 

I grabbed a slew of the ingredients I’d shopped for at least three hundred  times, and I dove in head first, from memory.  I guess watching Nana make her magic for thirty years, counts for something. 

While cooking the sauce I also put a pot of coffee on, and when I entered the house, from being out, it smelled JUST like Nana’s…..
All of my memories came flooding back, and I was again, in my happy place. 

So tonight for dinner, I whipped up a famous batch of chicken parmesan, complete with Nana’s Jersey sauce. 
It was a beautiful reminder of the woman who raised me. Skyler and I sat at our very fancy dinner table, and shared stories about Nana. I even pulled out some pictures, of some of her favorite people, eating "Nana’s" food. 

This trip down memory lane was one of the best. Comfort food to comfort my soul. 
So, here’s to memories, sharing traditions, celebrating life, and a sink full of dirty dishes, Nana would be thrilled. 
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